What is INOWAS?

INOWAS is the abbreviation for Innovative Groundwater Solutions, a web-based groundwater modelling platform aiming to make groundwater modelling tools easily accessible via internet. All our tools can be used free of charge directly from the web browser, without the need to install any additional software, plugins etc. The web-based implementation facilitates also sharing data and models, enabling thus a facile collaboration among users. All tools implemented are based either on existing open source code or developed from well–known groundwater flow equations. The main focus of the tools is on water transport processes occurring in the saturated soil zone that are described using either analytical or numerical equations. Additionally, the platform includes several simple tools derived from data mining and empirical correlations. Although the software is generally tailored on planning of managed aquifer recharge (MAR) applications, most tools can be used for general groundwater flow simulations. The most relevant tool is a new web-based graphic interface for MODFLOW, the USGS’s modular finite-difference hydrologic model considered as international standard for simulation of groundwater conditions and groundwater – surface water interractions. To learn more about our MODFLOW-based software read our online documentation and see a selection of MODFLOW models created and shared by our users.

How to use the INOWAS platform?

To start using the platform, click the ‘Sign in!‘ link in the menu and register for a free account. The registration is needed so that all uploaded data and all created models can be saved for later use. After successfully signing in, a personalised dashboard is accessible with the list of all tools available on the platform. In addition to their own models, the users can also access models and simulations created by other users that were specifically set to open public access. Saving the work progress is possible at any time, allowing thus to continue at a later date. For more information about the platform and the tools included, see also our FAQ section.

Who developed the platform?

The platform is developed and maintained by the Research Group on Managed Aquifer Recharge at the Department of Hydrosciences under the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of TU Dresden, Germany. The development started in May 2014 with financial support provided by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), research grant no. 01LN1311A. The initial five-year funding period between 2014-2019 allowed the development of the main components of the platform, which was since then continuously developed within the frameworks of several other research projects. Learn more about our group and our research at TU Dresden, use the contact page to contact us directly or follow us on Twitter.