A series of three online seminars were organised between April – June 2022 in the framework of the WaterJPI project “Smart framework for real-time monitoring and control of subsurface processes in managed aquifer recharge (MAR) applications (SMART-Control). The seminars were recorded with the video recordings available on our YouTube channel.

Online Seminar #1. Initial risk assessment

In this first seminar the attendees learn how to assess the microbial risk at MAR facilities using the web-based  quantitative microbial risk assessment tool as well as how to quantify the underground residence time between an infiltration basin and an extraction well based on temperature time series data using the web-based INOWAS platform. Watch on YouTube!

Online Seminar #2. Real-time monitoring

In the second online seminar you will learn how to connect existing real-time monitoring sensors to the web-based INOWAS platform, how to upload time series data and how to process monitoring data on the INOWAS platform. Watch on YouTube!

Online Seminar #3. Groundwater modelling and Scenario analysis

In the third part of the series on online seminars you will learn how to setup and run a numerical groundwater flow model based on MODFLOW on the web-based INOWAS platform including results evaluation and scenarios analysis. Watch on YouTube!