SAT basin infiltration capacity reduction database

The tool is a database that processes information about experimental test results monitoring the infiltration capacity decrease in spreading infiltration basins, a specific type of  managed aquifer recharge (MAR), due to clogging and climate related issues.  Read more.

Database for GIS-based suitability mapping

Query tool for the visualisation and assessment of different components of GIS-based multi-criteria decision analysis used in the selection of suitable sites for MAR implementation. Read more.

MAR method selection

The data-driven tool provides support in the selection of suitable MAR methods based on the analysis of several hundreds of MAR case studies worldwide. Read more.

MAR model selection

The tool helps in the selection of a suitable model for the evaluation of MAR specific issues. Read more.

SAT basin design

The tool makes us of empirical equations to design a typical SAT-system including hydraulic loading rates and land requirements under consideration of soil hydraulic characteristics and water quality. Read more.

Global MAR Portal

GIS-based global inventory of managed aquifer recharge schemes with over 1,200 case studies collected from more than 50 countries worldwide. Read more.