New design and rich content for our main website

Starting with June 2018 our main website has been completely redesigned. The change aims at reflecting the development of the platform and also to add more dynamic content for our users. To make this possible, we replaced the old static landing page with a more content-rich, dynamic website built on a WordPress platform. This way, we will be able to easily keep you updated on the development progress and provide you more background information about individual features. A significant change is also the easier access to the simulation tools, which can be done now from different sections of the website, as well as also directly from within the tool description. We also decided that it’s better to simplify the access to information so we dropped the older ‘wiki’ website and merged its content to the main website. This way, you have more direct access to the information without the need to switch between websites. For the near future we are preparing a full set of video tutorials so make sure you visit again the news section.

We hope you will enjoy the new look and appreciate the additional content!