Numerical groundwater modelling and optimization

The tool helps to setup a new MODFLOW model for a study area e.g. to better understand the local groundwater flow system or as a basis for scenario analysis. Read more.

Solute transport (MT3DMS)

The simulation of solute transport can be integrated in the groundwater flow simulation using MT3DMS or MT3DMS-USGS to analyze water quality, geochemical processes, recovery efficiency and residence time in MAR schemes. Read more.

Variable-density flow (SEAWAT)

Variable-density flow can be added to the numerical groundwater flow and transport simulation using SEAWAT. The tool can be e.g. used to assess saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers and the impact of Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) schemes to mitigate saltwater intrusion. Read more.

MODFLOW model scenario manager

This tool makes use of the output files of the MODFLOW-based model and uses them for the customised analysis of user-defined model scenarios. The scenario analyzer gives different possibilities to analyze the calibrated numerical groundwater flow (and transport) model which was setup with the help of tool T03. MODFLOW model setup and editorFurthermore, scenarios can be built by cloning a base-case model or previous calculated scenarios and changing relevant boundary conditions. The results of various scenarios can be subsequently compared. Read more.

Real-time modelling

The real-time modelling tool allows a user to extend an existing numerical groundwater flow model with new sensor data. New stress periods are automatically added to the basis model using either constant values or sensor data from the last time step of the basis model up until the date, the model instance is created and run. Currently, the calculation process must be initiated by hand but new data is automatically imported from the INOWAS tool T10 Real-time monitoring. Read more.