Easy access from your browser

The particularities of the platform include the setup of groundwater models and their calculations directly in the web-browser, without the need to install any additional software or plugin. So on the user side, all you need for using the INOWAS platform is a web browser connected to internet. No hassle with installation files, no compatibility problems with the operating system and no need to install future updates – just open your web browser, login and start modeling.

Save your progress at any time

Need to leave the office and continue later? No problem at all. We offer you the possibility to save the workflow at any time and continue later from home or next day in the office. Because you are not bound to a certain computer and you can access your models from anywhere.

Scale up your application in the cloud

For really big applications that need lots of computing resources we are currently working on the integration of different cloud-based services. This way, your models will get calculated fast and reliable and you don’t have to worry about the tech behind the hood – we’ll take care of everything.